The Gossip Games

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When Dean Ashcroft spots his sister’s best friend asleep in the common room of their boarding school, he figures the nice thing to do is to carry her up to bed. The next day, rumors start swirling around them, and Dean happily tells everyone he and Gracie are dating – just to see the look on Gracie’s face.
When Gracie Adams wakes to find herself “dating” Dean, she’s furious. The rumors are ruining her life! There’s only one thing for her to do, and that’s to turn the tables and take her revenge.
Gracie and Dean find themselves embroiled in a war of wits, flirting, and payback that cannot end. Not until one of them admits the truth – that they were never dating in the first place. But while the equally stubborn Gracie and Dean are fighting to outdo one another, they must also fight their rising feelings.
Things heat up between the pair, and pride and stubbornness trump detentions and dreadful family reunions. The truth might have to come out, or they risk losing something more important than the game – each other.

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