Dick Pirozzolo - Escape from Saigon

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01/12/2017 - 7:00pm

Few thirty-day periods in history have been more tumultuous than the fall of Saigon in April of 1975. With US military gone for two years, the North Vietnamese Army routed South Vietnam's forces. Refugees poured into a city once known as the Paris of the Orient. The world watched and waited for what many expected would be a bloodbath.

"Escape from Saigon" follows the people trapped in the besieged city. Among them: a former GI attempting to rescue his Vietnamese wife's relatives; a Vietnamese-American network TV reporter; an American businessman risking his life to smuggle out his employees; and the remaining US diplomats, military liaisons, and CIA operatives. The NVA onslaught is spearheaded by two officers--one intent on restraint, the other bent on revenge in this final chapter of a war that has already taken millions of lives.

"Escape from Saigon" is a story of a city and its inhabitants struggling to survive in its most desperate hours--a tale that stays true to the historic record while recounting moments of human hardship, courage, and triumph.


For his service during the Vietnam War, Dick was awarded the Bronze Star for his work as a US Air Force information officer in Saigon. He worked as a media spokesperson and often participated during the official daily press briefings aptly nicknamed, “The Five O’clock Follies.” 

While serving in Vietnam, he observes that while the fighting ground on for years, life in Old Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) continued unabated. The wealthy played at private clubs, and both diplomats and journalists gathered every afternoon for cocktails on the Veranda of the Continental Palace Hotel. 

Dick became a journalist and public relations executive but Vietnam was always on his mind. He returned many times during the mid-1990s, playing a prominent role in fostering US-Vietnam reconciliation that included establishing trade, travel and educational ties between the former enemy nations. His articles on Vietnam have appeared in "The Boston Herald," "Transpacific," "The Washington Times," "Insight" and "Destination Vietnam" to name a few publications.


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