IN-PERSON: Picture book authors Phaea Crede & Adria Karlsson

Event date: 
09/18/2021 - 12:00pm


Kids and parents, come meet these two fantastic picture book authors outside the store at our Sidewalk Sale. No registration necessary; just come on over and say hi!


Jet the cat likes to swim. When the other animals tell her that cats actually hate water, she goes in search of her true identity. After failing to fit the description of a variety of animals, Jet finally learns to embrace her unique brand of catness. A timely tale that humorously challenges labels and celebrates defining one's own unique identity.

Phaea Crede writes silly stories for silly kids. Serious kids, too! Jet the Cat (Is Not a Cat) is her debut picture book. Phaea lives outside Boston, USA, with her husband, two kiddos, and a slightly stinky dog named Gus. Visit her at



Daisy’s older brother is thrilled when he gets a new sibling. They are best buddies who do everything together. But in kindergarten, things change. His sibling tells him she is a girl and wants to be called Daisy. Daisy’s brother must adjust to the change—including what it means for him and their relationship. A powerful, moving picture book based on a true story, My Sister, Daisy handles a sensitive subject with warmth and love.

Adria Karlsson lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with her family. Currently she is writing and parenting, but she has a history of teaching people, training cats and dogs, and tutoring kids with dyslexia. When their daughter let them know that they'd gotten her gender wrong at birth, Adria and her spouse were deeply grateful for the outflowing of love and support from the local LGBTQIA+ community and hope to be able to pay it forward. When she isn't writing, Adria can often be found reading with a cat on her lap, attempting to replicate pastries from a certain British baking show, or zipping around town with a pile of children in the family cargo bike.



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Wellesley Books Sidewalk Sale
82 Central St
Wellesley, MA 02482-5714