C. C. Humphreys - "Shakespeare's Rebel"

Event date: 
05/02/2016 - 7:00pm

Come hear C. C. Humphreys read from his new book, Shakespeare's Rebel. Humphreys will also be performing an entertaining and informative one-man show, “Shakespeare 1600,” that delves into what exactly was going on when William Shakespeare wrote Hamlet.  As this year marks the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, a lively event about the illustrious playwright’s work and life couldn’t be more timely.

To be (or not to be) the man to save England…
England’s finest swordsman and fight choreographer at the magnificent new Globe Theatre has hit rock bottom. John Lawley just wants to win back his beloved, become a decent father to his son, and help his friend William Shakespeare finish The Tragedy of Hamlet, the play that threatens to destroy him.
But all is not fair in love and war. Dogged by his three devils—whiskey, women, and Mad Robbie Deveraux—John is dragged by Queen Elizabeth herself into a dangerous game of politics, conspiracy, and rebellion. Will the hapless swordsman figure out how to save England before it’s too late?
Brimming with vivid periodic detail, Shakespearean drama, and irresistible wit, Shakespeare’s Rebel is a thrilling romp through the romantic, revolutionary times of Elizabethan England that will delight historical fiction fans and Shakespeare enthusiasts alike.

Event address: 
Wellesley Books
82 Central Street
Wellesley, MA 02482-5714