The Secret Key of Pythagorum (Kobo eBook)

The Secret Key of Pythagorum By Michele Angello Cover Image
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On a incredible journey of magic, fantasy and mystery, a young man comes of age in the shadow of a supernatural family legacy.

Savaric doesn’t know what to think. Is he a warlock? Is he cursed? Is he even of this earth? Everyone already looks at him strangely everywhere he goes. Then Savaric discovers that, under the right circumstances, he can become invisible. Could it have something to do with the dark powers in which his grandmother dabbled on the day he was born?

The search for the answer leads him to a mysterious map. It’s written in language he’s never seen. It’s of place he’s never heard of. And now in possession of a beautiful, and equally puzzling, golden key, Savaric’s curiosity is getting the best of him. Embarking on this strange quest, he meets many new friends—human and otherwise. He also discovers his mission in life. Savaric has been destined to save a kingdom. All he has to now is to survive the fierce enemies dispatched to destroy him.

An epic of magical worldbuilding, The Secret Key of Pythagorum “will prove to be an immediate and enduringly popular addition to . . . the personal reading lists of dedicated fantasy fans” (Midwest Book Review).