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A transportation expert shares how you can cut carbon emissions in your city, improve health and safety, and promote sustainability.

Tiny Transit is a how-to guide for cities, mayors, and local governments searching for practical ways to cut carbon emissions. Susan Engelking, founder of Tiny Transit Strategies™ and executive director of the Institute for Community MicroMobility, describes an innovative, proven solution: protected networks for small, low speed, low cost, low emission vehicles.

In Tiny Transit, city leaders, government employees, and activists learn:

· Why LEAN Networks (Low Emission Alternative Networks) are the future

· Lessons from early adopters

· How to build LEAN Lanes with the crumbs of major transportation projects

· Why the prime directive is “safety, safety, safety”

· How to introduce this game changer to their cities—and the quickest way to build a groundswell of popular support

Tiny Transit illustrates safe, low speed, low cost, low stress, low emission, climate-conscious mobility for this generation and those to come. For cities, this concept is a game changer. For the nation, this new transportation alternative is a step toward economic resilience, reduced carbon emissions, and energy independence.

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ISBN-13: 9781642796834
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Publication Date: February 4th, 2020