Consignment at Wellesley Books

As a local business, we offer a consignment program through which we can support local authors and offer books that tie in to our community, which includes Wellesley, Weston, Natick, Needham, Newton, Dover, Sherborn, and Wayland. If you live in Wellesley or one of our neighboring towns, or if your book is about our local area, it may be a great fit.  If you are from outside this area, it is less likely your book will fit in, but we are always happy to review your request.


Please provide us with the following information about yourself and your book, and we will review your request to be included in our consignment program. If we decide we would like to bring in your book, we will send you an e-mail with additional information regarding terms and logistics.

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How would you categorize your book? Where should it go on our shelves?
Please indicate hardcover or paperback.
Books must have an ISBN and a scannable barcode.
We pay 60% of the list price for copies sold. Payments are made on a quarterly basis.
Please note that we do not accept books published or printed by Amazon or any of its subsidiaries..
We generally consider only newly or recently published books, within a few months of the release date.
All books must be printed with the title and author on the spine, so that they can be identified when they are shelved.
If you are not a current resident of Wellesley or one of our neighboring towns, please indicate here how your book relates to our area.
How will potential buyers know they can find it here?