UAV PILOT LOGBOOK 2nd Edition: A Comprehensive Drone Flight Logbook for Professional and Serious Hobbyist Drone Pilots - Log Your Drone Flights Like (Hardcover)

UAV PILOT LOGBOOK 2nd Edition: A Comprehensive Drone Flight Logbook for Professional and Serious Hobbyist Drone Pilots - Log Your Drone Flights Like Cover Image
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The UAV Pilot Logbook 2nd Edition permits you to log your personal flight data in an easy-to-use, easy-to-carry format. This new edition expands significantly upon the earlier UAV Pilot Logbook (1st edition) by providing you with the opportunity to record more types of data for each flight, resulting in a truly comprehensive record of your UAV flying experience. For those who wish to create an aircraft-specific record of use and condition we continue to recommend our companion volume, the UAV Aircraft Logbook, also available through Amazon.

In the UAV Pilot Logbook 2nd Edition you can record flight time for rotary, fixed-wing and lighter-than-air (LTA) UAV operations so that even if you fly a variety of aircraft types you will be able to log all of your data in the same book.

The book is 192 pages long. On the inside you will find:

- A section to record aircraft and equipment data, to include identification information for up to 12 different aircraft as well as places to record batteries and additional equipment (cameras, etc) data.

- A main flight data section that permits you to record the registrations of the different aircraft in use for each of your flights and their types, the flight locations and times, flight durations, flight functions, numbers of landings and distances flown. New to the second edition, you can also record batteries or fuel use, inspections and calibrations accomplished, technical problems found and corrective actions performed, and an enlarged place for Remarks and Endorsements. This section provides easy-to-use instructions about how to fill out the log, with example pages included.

- A final section in which you can log all of your training courses taken and exams passed, as well as places for instructors to sign these off, as required.

The size is convenient for carrying, either in your backpack or in any small case you may be using. You are therefore able to record your flight data on the spot, something not so easily done when using the other, large-format, paperback logbooks. Additionally, this book avoids the wasted space found in other drone logbooks that, for example, unnecessarily ask you to draw flight plans. Finally, using a physical, bound logbook is superior to using an electronic version because you do not require an internet connection to record your data in the field and the data are not subject to loss by accidental deletion. Electronic logbooks are often considerably more expensive, as well. The physical log is, in fact, the official aviation standard due to the difficulty of falsifying entries after they have been made. The hardcover version is durable and will stand up to years of use both at home and in the field

Bottom line: using the UAV Pilot Logbook 2nd Edition makes it easy to demonstrate that you are an experienced and properly trained UAV pilot who takes a professional approach to your flying operations.

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ISBN: 9782839921237
ISBN-10: 2839921235
Publisher: Parhelion Aerospace Gmbh
Publication Date: April 26th, 2017
Pages: 192
Language: English