Contingency (Paperback)

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High octane racing, mecha boss fights, planet-sized dungeons, LitRPG

The battle for Bane begins...

Breq's journey continues as he and his guild escape into unexplored regions of the universe chased by bounty hunters and a rival high level guild. If his comrades are to survive, Breq must use all his ability on their behalf. Whether racing top-of-the-range craft, fighting mecha bosses, or exploring planet-sized dungeons, Breq's every action and reaction is put to test.

Across the galaxy on a ruined Earth, Talves is trapped inside Bane. With no quests, no interface, and no way to logout, he forces himself to survive no matter how harsh the decisions he is forced to make. As he loses his humanity, Talves becomes a cold-hearted being with the power to turn the entire world upside down.

When Breq faces Talves, the stakes are higher than ever and the choices between good and evil are blurred.

What would you be prepared to do to survive? To ensure your friends survive?

Star Divers Contingency is a mix of LitRPG, survival horror, and cultivation.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781839190872
ISBN-10: 1839190876
Publisher: Level Up Publishing
Publication Date: November 13th, 2020
Pages: 412
Language: English