The Essential Guide to Drawing: Key Skills for Every Artist (Paperback)

The Essential Guide to Drawing: Key Skills for Every Artist Cover Image
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Artists looking to build up their skills and produce accomplished artworks will find this comprehensive drawing reference invaluable. Barrington Barber looks at the key areas - still life, figures, landscape and portraits - and demonstrates the specific skills needed for each type of subject matter. His easy-to-follow approach makes him an ideal tutor for beginners as well as those who can already draw competently.

Starting with the basics of drawing, the book moves on to deal with more challenging areas such as figures in action, symbolism in portraits and imaginary landscapes.

Artists will learn how to:
- Portray the tactile qualities of objects
- Capture dynamic figure poses
- Frame a landscape to best effect
- Create a portrait step by step

About the Author

Born 1934, Barrington Barber was educated at Hampton Grammar School and later Twickenham Art School, receiving a National Diploma of Design. He then practised as an illustrator and Graphic Designer, was Art Director at Ogilvie & Mather and S.H. Bensons, and then a lecturer in Graphic Design at Ealing Art School. He has also worked as a freelance designer, illustrator, animator and painter and was awarded a one-man exhibition in 2000 at St. Oswald Studios. He now paints, draws and writes about art.
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ISBN: 9781789507317
ISBN-10: 1789507316
Publisher: Arcturus Editions
Publication Date: September 15th, 2019
Pages: 352
Language: English