A Dad's Guide to Newborn Twins: Unleash Your Inner Super Dad (Paperback)

A Dad's Guide to Newborn Twins: Unleash Your Inner Super Dad By Meghan Hertzfeldt, Jennifer Bonicelli Cover Image
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Double the trouble, double the love--everything you need to be a super dad to twins

Congrats, Dad--you're having twins So what's next? A Dad's Guide to Newborn Twins is the comprehensive manual to prepare you for this new, exciting stage of your life.

From the moment you find out about your new bundles of joy until the end of your first year, this book covers essential (and reassuring) tips and strategies for creating your own caring-for-twins toolkit. Find out how to apply for paternity leave, track milestones, feed two babies at once (very carefully ), calm their crying, and more.

A Dad's Guide to Newborn Twins includes:

  • All about twins--Whether it's dealing with potential birth complications or finding ways to sleep with two infants around, get advice that prepares you for the unique challenges of twins.
  • Taking care of mom--Become a super partner as you power-up your knowledge and learn the best things to do at home, at the hospital, and during delivery.
  • Shopping for two--Put your baby registry together in a flash with a convenient cheat sheet, as well as guidelines for choosing the best strollers, car seats, and more.

Make sure you're ready to welcome two newborns into the world with some help from A Dad's Guide to Newborn Twins.

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ISBN: 9781647391287
ISBN-10: 1647391288
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: July 7th, 2020
Pages: 178
Language: English