The Natural Candida Cleanse: A Healthy Treatment Guide to Improve Your Microbiome in Two Weeks (Paperback)

The Natural Candida Cleanse: A Healthy Treatment Guide to Improve Your Microbiome in Two Weeks By Molly Devine Cover Image
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Relieve symptoms, improve well-being—a holistic dietary approach to treating candida.

You can reset your body's balance with the right food. The Natural Candida Cleanse is an all-natural treatment for candida overgrowth through dietary intervention. If you've been diagnosed with candidiasis, these user-friendly dietary tips and savory recipes can provide you with much-needed relief from your symptoms.

Complete with information on what candida overgrowth is, what the symptoms are, the role of probiotics, and much more, this book embodies a holistic approach that will help you achieve a healthy microbiome and feel your best. The Natural Candida Cleanse is exactly what the dietician ordered.

This book includes:
  • Focus on facts—Skip the pseudoscience and learn what causes candida overgrowth—and more importantly, what treats it.
  • Professional advice—Get tips from a registered dietician on everything from food journaling to adapting the candida cleanse to a vegan or vegetarian diet.
  • 40+ enticing recipes—With delicious foods like Southwestern Stuffed Peppers, Crispy Coconut Salmon, and Chocolate-Almond Chia Pudding, you won't be missing out.

Eat your way to symptom relief—The Natural Candida Cleanse makes it easy and tasty.

About the Author

Molly Devine is an author and registered dietitian. She is the founder of MSD Nutrition Consulting, a nutrition counseling and meal-planning service focused on customized, whole-foods-based diets for disease prevention and management.

Praise For…

"Food is medicine! As a functional medicine provider, this book is an invaluable resource for my patients struggling with candida overgrowth. Molly Devine has brilliantly devised an easy-to-follow, whole-food-based guide to reset your GI system. I love the patient examples, food essentials checklists, and deliciously simple, whole-food recipes."—Harriet Ng Hansell, MD, Board Certified Family Physician, Functional Medicine Physician, and Medical Acupuncturist

"The Natural Candida Cleanse is an excellent resource for patients. It provides very approachable strategies to tackling GI issues by first providing the needed education on what Candida overgrowth is as well as symptoms, false claims, and tests that can be done by a patient’s provider. I would recommend this book to anyone with clients or who is personally suffering from Candida overgrowth because of the level of detail it provides to making lasting changes for a healthier gut."—Laura Miller, MPH, RDN
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