What Cats Want: An illustrated guide for truly understanding your cat (Hardcover)

What Cats Want: An illustrated guide for truly understanding your cat By Dr. Yuki Hattori Cover Image
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From the top feline doctor in Japan comes a fun, practical, adorably illustrated “cat-to-human” translation guide to decoding your cat's feelings.

What makes cats climb into tiny spaces? Why do they sleep that much? And, most of all, how can we give them a good life?

Dr. Yuki Hattori is Japan's leading cat doctor, and to him cats are the most beautiful animals in the world. His advice comes with little illustrations showing exactly what to look for as a cat owner - including charts showing how to interpret their different meows, the direction of their whiskers and the way their tail is pointing!

Cats may seem low-maintenance but thoughtfulness about where you put their water, how warm or cool they like to be, what name to choose and how to groom them properly will make a life-changing difference. With understanding, affection and respect, your cat will be more healthy and contented - and you'll feel happier too.

An invaluable new guide filled with creative tips and darling illustrations, What Cats Want provides a much-desired glimpse into the minds of our most mysterious pets.

About the Author

Yuki Hattori is the head clinician and founder of the Tokyo Feline Medical Center. He became the director of SyuSyu CAT Clinic in 2005 before working in a cat specialist hospital in Texas, in 2006. The former director of the JSFM Cat Medical Society, he has been involved in specialized medical care for cats for 12 years. He lives in Japan.

Praise For…

“This handy guide from veterinarian and feline-behavior specialist Hattori, of the Tokyo Cat Clinic, will help cat owners better know their pets, with both surprising facts (injured cats may use purring to hasten the healing process) and hilarious realness ("Cats often ignore their owners' call simply because they're not interested"). . . . A very appealing, beyond-the-basic reference.” —Booklist

“In Japan's rarified world of cat doctors, the vet Hattori is very much a superstar – but now there is a chance for English-speaking feline fans to benefit from his wisdom thanks to What Cats Want.” —The Observer

“Essential for any cat lover . . . this book will go above and beyond your questions . . . like any relationship, a level of understanding can build happiness and trust, and this book is a great tool to enhance this between you and your cat.” —How It Works

"Wish you had a cat-to-human translation guide to help you decode your cat’s feelings? Look no further! . . . [an] invaluable guide." - Catster

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Publication Date: November 24th, 2020
Pages: 160
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