Third Culture Kids 3rd Edition: Growing up among worlds (Paperback)

Third Culture Kids 3rd Edition: Growing up among worlds By Ruth E. Van Reken, Michael V. Pollock, David C. Pollock Cover Image
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The absolute authority on Third Culture Kids for nearly two decades!

In this 3rd edition of the ground-breaking global classic, Ruth E. Van Reken and Michael V. Pollock, son of the late original co-author, David C. Pollock, have significantly updated what is widely recognized as "The TCK Bible." Emphasis is on the modern TCK and addressing the impact of technology, cultural complexity, diversity and inclusion and transitions. Includes new advice for parents and others for how to support TCKs as they navigate work, relationships, social settings and their own personal development.

New to this edition:

· A second PolVan Cultural Identity diagram to support understanding of cultural identity

· New models for identity formation

· Updated explanation of unresolved grief

· New material on "highly mobile communities" addressing the needs of people who stay put while a community around them moves rapidly

· Revamped Section III so readers can more easily find what is relevant to them as Adult TCKs, parents, counselors, employers, spouses, administrators, etc.

· New "stages and needs" tool that will help families and organizations identify and meet needs

· Greater emphasis on tools for educators as they grapple with demographic shifts in the classroom

About the Author

David C. Pollock worked with TCKs and adult TCKs for more than twenty years and logged thousands of miles conducting seminars and conferences for TCKs, their parents, and sponsoring organizations.

Ruth E. Van Reken, herself an adult TCK and a parent and grandparent of TCKs, is author of one of the first books written about the TCK experience, Letters Never Sent.

Praise For…

"As an adult TCK, I have long wrestled with how I fit into this world. This book is the "bible" for anyone who wants to understand the blessings and the curses of growing up multiculturally."—Wm. Paul Young, author of the #1 New York Times Best Seller The Shack


"Growing up as a TCK has been a gift and has significantly shaped my life and work. As I interact with world leaders one day and with those living in refugee camps the next, I continually draw upon my experience of living among different cultures. I am delighted to see the lessons learned from the traditional TCK experience live on in this new edition of Third Culture Kids."—Scott Gration, Maj Gen, USAF (Ret), President Obama?s Special Envoy to Sudan

"Because Third Culture Kids have been exposed to other cultures in significant ways and have experienced multiple transitions while growing up, it's in their DNA to thrive within the pace and nature of globalization. This book is a must to understand the challenges TCKs face and the unique skills they can leverage as global leaders."—Katrina Burrus, Ph.D., CEO of MKB Conseil & Coaching and author of Global Nomadic Leaders: How to Identify, Attract, and Retain Them

"Visionary, bold, and embracing. This may be the first book ever that hasn't left a single person out."

Dr. Douglas W. Ota, author of Safe Passage: How Mobility

"In today's globalized and highly mobile world, the lessons to be learned from this new edition of Third Culture Kids transcend mere cultural enlightenment about a unique group of individuals growing up between worlds. This book is timelier than ever, and should be essential reading for parents anywhere in the world raising cross-cultural children."—Robin Pascoe, author of Raising Global Nomads: Parenting Abroad in an On-Demand World

"This revised edition of Third Culture Kids opens up the topic of cultural hybridization in new and exciting ways. By recognizing similarities between TCKs, children from bi/multicultural parentage, children of immigrants, those who live on or near borderlands,international adoptees and those forced into geographic and cultural transition through war and/or famine, the author puts her finger on one of the most interesting, complex and potentially most liberating aspects of our increasingly globalizing society. This book opens up hope for dialogue, empathy, mutual learning and ultimately the joyful acceptance of the diversity in us all."—Marc Levitt, storyteller, educator, and creator of

"The additions on parenting of TCKs added to this seminal book are life-changing. Though I own the first and second editions I need this one too. I wish I had read it before our TCKs became teenagers."

Jo Parfitt, publisher, Summertime Publishing, author of Career in Your Suitcase and founder of the Families in Global Transition Writing Residency Program

"When I read this book I understood why it was so special. I realized that I finally belonged somewhere... Knowing that I was a Third Culture Child, that other people experienced the same thing, was a sort of liberation."—Amel Derragui, founder of

"Ruth's writings consistently set a high bar in any discussion or writing on Third Culture Kids. The added value of this new edition is the inclusion of the thoughts of David's son, Michael. This makes it even more valuable, as the reader is able to catch a glimpse of the thoughts and reflections of the next generation."—Lois J. Bushong, Author of Belonging Everywhere & Nowhere: Insights into Counseling the Globally Mobile

"This has been the single-most influential book in the field of personal intercultural transitions, drawing its audience both from individual TCKs who read it for self-discovery and the professionals who study and support them. With this important third edition, the authors continue their perceptive analysis. Written in an engaging style that crosses disciplinary bridges, there's critical information here for TCKs (at any point in their self-awareness) and the parents, researchers, educators, counselors and administrators who are cheering them on."—Anne P. Copeland, PhD Executive Director, The Interchange Institute

"Michael Pollock and Ruth Van Reken do not disappoint with the third edition! Michael has deftly stepped in to fill his father's shoes and together with Van Reken they continue to explore the evolving implications of having lived a cross-cultural childhood. Expanded thinking on how expatriates can deal with re-entry and new transition models make this resource a must-read for anyone living the mobile life."—Tina L. Quick, Author of The Global Nomad?s Guide to University Transition and Survive and Thrive: The International Student?s Guide to Succeeding in the U.S.

"As an early childhood educator, I am so excited that this book now includes more practical information on why the cross-cultural mobility in childhood matters. This goes hand in hand with the expanded chapter on practical tips for parents. The PolVan Cultural Identity diagram is a wonderful way to help the international schools have more knowledge about their students."—Julia Simens, author, Emotional Resilience and the Expat Child.
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