Karma in the flesh (Paperback)

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By Nikki J
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This book was for me to take a different route. I'M from a hate full city where they honestly believe family a fuck you first. I want more for my city I want more my family. Growing up we was always was told you had to work hard for what you wanted, and make sure your family was always good. Even though our family was pretty small the love that we had for each other was unconditional; I would do anything for them and I want to make them all proud being we was from the hood and for some reason I felt I just couldn't let them down. My mother she was in and out of jail steady trying to get her life on track. She had her demons as we all do, so disrespect was never and option. Don't get me wrong she did work at first and then the money got good an my father told her she didn't have to work he want her at home with his children ( I remember him telling the story) , but hell we was from a viscous ass city St. Louis ahh chew you up and spit ya right out, so she did the best she could with us. Thank God for my AT (auntie) she was the one who kept us all together. She was so busy taking care of me and all my other siblings along with my mother I don't think she even wanted kids, its like she never could catch a break when it came to my mom. I don't know what we would of did without her she was truly a blessing and I can never repay her for the things that she did.

About the Author

I want to Thank God first and for most, if you Pray and keep Faith, he will show you anything and all things are possible. I want to thank my wonderful 2 boy's (my pride and joy) they truly do keep me going, God only knows where I would be if it was not for them. This book is to show those who feel they lost it all to keep going and to never lose sight of the bigger picture. I came across a lot of fakes and snakes and I thank God ever day being he still allowed me to tell my store. I Love who love me.
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ISBN: 9781098374303
ISBN-10: 1098374304
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication Date: May 27th, 2021
Pages: 108
Language: English