Boy Swallows Universe \ El chico que se comió el universo (Spanish edition): Una novela (Paperback)

Boy Swallows Universe \ El chico que se comió el universo (Spanish edition): Una novela By Trent Dalton Cover Image
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Una absolutamente maravillosa novela de debut que trata temas de amor, crimen, magia, destino y el momento en que un niño llega a su mayoría de edad. Ambientada en Australia en la década de 1980 inspirada por la originalidad, el encanto, la melancolía y la esencia de las novelas Incredibly Close y The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.

La mente puede llevarte a donde quieras ir.

La vida de Eli Bell es complicada. Su padre está perdido, su madre está en la cárcel y su padrastro es un traficante de heroína. El adulto más constante en la vida de Eli es Slim, un famoso delincuente que posee un récord nacional por sus exitosas fugas de prisión. Slim es quien cuida de Eli y su callado y genio hermano August.

Este niño exiliado del resto de mundo en Darra, tiene doce años con un alma vieja y la madurez mental de un adulto, está tratando de seguir su corazón, aprender lo que se necesita para ser un buen hombre, y entrenar para una glamorosa carrera en el periodismo. La vida, sin embargo, insiste en lanzar obstáculos en el camino de Eli, especialmente Tytus Broz, el legendario narcotraficante de Brisbane.

Y los verdaderos retos están por venir. Eli está a punto de enamorarse, tendrá que enfrentar a los chicos verdaderamente malos y luchar para salvar a su madre de una cierta perdición, todo antes de comenzar la escuela secundaria.

Una historia de hermandad, amor verdadero, familia y la más improbable de las amistades. El universo en sus manos es la historia de un niño adolescente a punto de descubrir al hombre en que se convertirá. Poderoso y cinético, el debut de Trent Dalton seguramente será una de las novelas más desgarradoras, alegres y estimulantes que experimentarás.


About the Author

Trent Dalton is an award-winning journalist at The Weekend Australian Magazine. His writing includes several short and feature-length film screenplays. He was nominated for a 2010 AFI Best Short Fiction screenplay award for his latest film, Glenn Owen Dodds, which also won the prestigious International Prix Canal award at the world's largest short film festival, the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival. Dalton's debut feature film screenplay, In the Silence, is currently in production.

Praise For…

“This thrilling novel takes you along for the ride.” — New York Times Book Review

Boy Swallows Universe hypnotizes you with wonder, and then hammers you with heartbreak. . . . Eli’s remarkably poetic voice and his astonishingly open heart take the day. They enable him to carve out the best of what’s possible from the worst of what is, which is the miracle that makes this novel marvelous.” — Washington Post

“A splashy, profane, and witty debut.” — USA Today

"Extraordinary and beautiful storytelling." — The Guardian

“This novel about a pair of brilliant and sensitive young brothers in Brisbane in the 1980s trying to survive a swirling, dangerous world of drug dealers, damaged parents, inexplicable supernatural occurrences, true love, mysterious ex-convict babysitters and murderous tyrants is a dazzlingly good . . . . I absolutely loved it.” — Elizabeth Gilbert

“At times Boy Swallows Universe will grip your attention and then break your heart. It is a story of love, crime, and hope. It is written with love and told with joy. Trent Dalton is a powerful new voice in fiction.” — Washington Book Review

“Dalton’s splashy, stellar debut makes the typical coming-of-age novel look bland by comparison…In less adept hands, these antics might descend into whimsy, but Dalton’s broadly observant eye, ability to temper pathos with humor, and thorough understanding of the mechanics of plot prevent the novel from breaking into sparkling pieces…This is an outstanding debut.” — Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“A marvelously plot-rich novel, which…is filled with beautifully lyric prose….Exceptional.” — Booklist (starred review)

“An electric novel. . . . a lively, funny affirmation of the human instinct for survival.” — The Times (London)

“A captivating and quirky life story that leads the reader on an intense and rewarding journey; highly recommended.” — Library Journal (starred review)

“An insightful coming-of-age novel.” — Book Riot

“Joyous. Simply joyous. I hugged myself as I read it. My heart raced, swelled, burst; my eyes leaked tears; my stomach ached from laughter. Boy Swallows Universe is—I can’t think of a word more apt—magical. This vibrant, vital, altogether miraculous coming-of-age novel marks the debut of an exquisitely gifted storyteller. . . and what’s more, it’s transformative: After reading Trent Dalton’s book, you won’t be the same as you were before.” — A.J. Finn, author of The Woman in the Window

“Welcome to the weird and wonderful universe of Trent Dalton, whose first work of fiction is, without exaggeration, the best Australian novel I have read in more than a decade. . . . The last 100 pages of Boy Swallows Universe propel you like an express train to a conclusion that is profound and complex and unashamedly commercial. . . . The book is jam-packed with such witty and profound insights into what’s wrong and what’s right with Australia and the world. . . . A rollicking ride, rich in philosophy, wit, truth and pathos.” — Sydney Morning Herald

“A wonderful surprise: sharp as a drawer full of knives in terms of subject matter; unrepentantly joyous in its child’s-eye view of the world; the best literary debut in a month of Sundays.” — The Weekend Australian

“It is such a pleasant shock to encounter a new Australian novel in which joy is shamelessly deployed. . . . It is a story in thrall to the potential the world holds for lightness, laughter, beauty, forgiveness, redemption, and love. . . . [Dalton] invests this unlikely cast and milieu with considerable energy, wit and charm. He delights in the play of language and imagination that a child can summon: the sense in which the clear moral eye of youth can critique and adore simultaneously without judgment or adult moral finessing.” — The Australian

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Pages: 512
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