Book Fairs

Wellesley Books hosts dozens of in-store Book Fairs each school year. We look forward to hosting YOUR next book fair, too! 

Please fill out the information below or contact the School Liaison to start planning.

MOTIVATION: Community-based outing and fundraising for your school 

CELEBRATION: Community-building around the love of books, reading, games, puzzles, gifts, and more

DESTINATION: Wellesley Books 82 Central Ave 

DURATION: 3-4 days

COLLABORATION: Our Children’s/YA team can work with your librarian to customize book recommendations that align with your school’s author and genre studies and their social, emotional, DEI, and academic goals. 

INSPIRATION: At times, Fairs can be scheduled to coincide with an author/illustrator visit or event!

ALLEVIATION: Our booksellers do all of the work - run the cash registers, restock the shelves, help you find recommended and wish list titles, and more. No stress - you get to relax, shop, and have fun!

DONATION: We facilitate teacher classroom wish lists, so parents and students can buy for their classroom and library collections during the fair.

REMUNERATION: A full 20% of pre-tax sales goes directly to the school, without having to worry about a minimum sales target or sliding scale. (Applies to special orders for books placed during the Fair, as well.)

EXPLORATION: The Book Fair is store-wide. Purchases from any section of the store count toward the fundraising - Children's and YA books, Adult books, Discount/Used books, Gifts, Games, Puzzles, and more. (Does not include purchase of gift cards.)

COMMUNICATION: Want to learn more or return for another year of book-loving fundraising? Please contact the School Liaison to discuss more details and dates or fill out the fields below. (We highly recommend that you initiate the process at least 2 months in advance.)

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